The Great Stallion (Pt 1) 


Mouth full of hay , Soul ready to ponder 

He sits in the stable , has some moments to squander.

Hair brown as berry , his mind has become a transponder. 

As he is to his master , nothing more than a responder.

As he blinks restlessly, knowing he cant do anything but concur.

To this world he is a slave , to his parents no less than alexandre.

He is trapped being free , in a dungeon of desires.

He is free being trapped , in a heaven promised by friars.

His thoughts dictated by history , his actions dictated by liars.

Sits there and wonders , yes , its his own freedom that he inquires

Free to believe that i am trapped?

Free to think that i ain’t mapped?

Free but still waiting for an apt?

Free but still enslaved and not ready to adapt?

The sky now becomes a cage

The floor becomes a stage

The universe screams , as it recognizes a sage

The sun dies , as his soul is ready to disengage

A voice proclaims :

 “His knowledge was redundant,

  His soul was discontent,

  All of this had forced him to dement,

  We have to end this , he can not be      allowed to further ascent,

  And as i raise this axe my heart is forced  to lament.”

The axe swings, his head falls on the burning ground.

And a universe of thoughts , with his head have drowned.

The drops of blood stained like a medallion , 

And he is remembered as the great stallion.



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